JCB 520

We were looking for an articulated loader to retire our AGCO-ALLIS 4660.  The local JCB dealer - Cooke Equipment - sent out a JCB 520 Loadall with bucket and forks to try out.  The next day the local CAT dealer - John Fabick - brought out a CAT 908 to try.  We soon found that we liked the features of the funny looking JCB over the articulated loader.

We liked everything about the JCB 520 but the way you had to get into it.  It was somewhat like climbing into the General Lee on the Dukes of Hazard. The cab set inside the major structure of the frame - thus you had to step over and down into a cockpit.  The cab was small but ok once you got into it.  The engine compartment behind the cab was also inside the frame and maintenance would be more difficult.

The good news is - there are a lot of them around at good prices.  Many are used by rental fleets and are coming out of service.  If you are looking for a used one, try Machinery Trader or Hertz Equipment.

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IMG_0960.JPG (90083 bytes) The "shooting" boom came in real handy.  We found a lot of uses for it. 
IMG_0982.JPG (35853 bytes) Here it is lifting the largest log on the lot.  An old water oak 14' long and over 30" on the little end and 40" on the big end.
IMG_0983.JPG (32223 bytes) The hydraulics wouldn't quit on the little JCB.  Although only about 9500 lbs. with a 4400 lbs. lift rating,  the hydraulics had enough power to push the machine around.
IMG_0986.JPG (28668 bytes) Here is a side by side size compairason shot with the CAT 908
IMG_0958.JPG (79785 bytes) Another lift test.  Two 16' fresh cut white oak logs.  One is about 18" on the little end and is a top log with little taper.  The other a butt cut about 14" on the little end.  I could extend the boom about 3' before the machine would tip.  It's all it wanted weight wise.
IMG_0993.JPG (27071 bytes) Another side by side shot.  The little JCB with four wheel steer would turn on a dime, could get under all our door headers with room to spare.
IMG_0994.JPG (33072 bytes) The JCB started us on a quest to find a telescoping boom loader instead of an articulated loader.
IMG_0954.JPG (58620 bytes) A good side view of the JCB 520.